Despite my lifelong passion for the outdoors, travel, and music, it was only recently that I began documenting these experiences.

It initially began in 2013 when my camera became a consistent companion to my frequent wanderings in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and beyond. The peace and simplicity of these more remote areas gave me a sense of perspective that could not be regularly attained in the normal “routine”. My camera allowed me to capture and save these moments in time, offering a bit of respite in the everyday.

Over time, this same interest in photographing the outdoors expended to other personal interests… Specifically, music. As a regular concert-goer of all forms of music (predominantly metal), the fusion of these passions offered a new challenge in my steadily expanding photography experiences. Covering the more intense scenes of these shows across New England became a welcomed and captivating complement to the serenity of the mountains.

This website serves as my primary library for finalized photos accumulated from all of these settings and experiences. For questions, feedback, or general inquiries, my direct contact information can be found here.